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With there being so many different online casinos to choose from, it can be a challenge as to which one to select. One that stands out among the rest is Unibet Mobile. There are a lot of significant advantages to enjoying the mobile version of the Unibet Casino. 

About Unibet Mobile

Unibet is a full-service online gambling site. Meaning that it offers the following gambling categories:

  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Live casino
  • Side games
  • Bingo
  • Poker

This means that an enthusiastic gambler doesn’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy their favourite form of gambling.

Unibet has been hugely successful with its gambling platform, such that it decided to launch the Unibet mobile version in 2012.

The Mobile Platform

unibetmobileIn keeping with its brand, Unibet designed its mobile version to meet the wants and needs of casino enthusiasts on the go. They focused on making it user-friendly with plenty of options. They have a reputation for staying aware of the latest technology and implementing it where it is going to serve their clients the best.

The Unibet mobile platform means that anyone that wants to enjoy what Unibet has to offer can do so from their mobile device. As long as they have access to the internet, then they will have access to this gambling platform.

The Features

For those who are into sports betting, they never have to worry about missing an opportunity to place a bet on their favourite sport. The sports betting platform is loaded with many different types of sporting events and makes sure that sports bettors can place bets on many of the main events.

For those who are into slots, they will not find any disappointment when utilizing the Unibet app. There are over 150 games to choose from. This online casino is always adding new games to their roster, so slot players never have to miss out on the latest slot game fun.

Table games are another form of casino gameplay that Unibet has put their focus on. All of the popular games such as roulette and blackjack are accessible to players on the go.

Then to take the online casino gameplay to another level, there is the live casino. This is something that many people find to be the most enjoyable way of participating in different table games.

Playing Unibet Mobile

There are two options for enjoying what Unibet has to offer for players on the go.

Option one is to go to the Unibet platform from the browser using a mobile device. Or if a player prefers, they can download one of the Unibet apps.


Unibet Casino App

Once you have downloaded this app, you will have access to many of the slots and table games that Unibet has to offer. Spin City is an exclusive game to Unibet. Here players get the chance to earn trophies and tokens. These tokens can be used to enter some of the special bonus rounds that the casino offers. Slot lovers find this app to be their favourite.

Unibet Live Casino

If you are one of the many who have really taken to live casino, then there is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Unibet live casino action with this specific app.

Where to Get the Apps

These are available for both iOS and Android through the app store.

All it takes to start using the apps or mobile version is to log into them using an existing account.

    Unibet Mobile Game Play

    For those who wish to access the Unibet mobile platform through their browser, they will find it a smooth and pleasant experience. Once there, players can take advantage of the following.

    The Sportsbook

    Anything that can be found in the desktop version for the sportsbook can be enjoyed through the mobile version. All of the popular sports are available for betting here. The platform on the mobile version has everything that is needed for any betting action the user wants to implement.

    The Casino

    Access to a large number of slots is something to be expected for those who are playing on their mobiles. There are all types of slots to choose from. Some games cannot be accessed through the mobile version, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great selection for mobile players.

    Mobile Bingo

    For those who love to play bingo, they will be able to access many of the bingo games via the mobile Unibet platform.

    Live casino and poker can be enjoyed in the same mobile manner.



    Those who wish to play in the mobile version will be offered promotions that Unibet is so well known for. There is a welcome bonus that can change at any time, but it is always on par with the other online casinos. Unibet likes to show its appreciation not only to new players but for their regular members. They do this through ongoing promotions. No one ever gets bored when it comes to taking advantage of promotions that are offered at this site.

    Depositing and Withdrawing

    These are two fundamental aspects of any online casino. Just because a player is playing in the mobile version, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to utilize these. Mobile players have several different options for depositing, and they can withdraw just as quickly through their mobile.

    Mobile players have full access to the Unibet account just as they would if they were accessing the site in its traditional version.

    Why Play the Mobile Version?

    unibet-mobileMany people now rely on their mobile devices and are away from home quite often. They want to be able to enjoy their casino gameplay no matter where they are. Unibet has made sure they have the opportunity to do this. Not only can they access many of the games that Unibet offers, but the format that is used to provide the games is also of the very best in quality. Seeing the games is easy, and they load fast with no lag.

    Unibet mobile should be the number one choice for all those who want to enjoy online gambling while on the go.