Unibet Poker App

About the Unibet Poker App

unibet-poker-appPeople who love poker will find the Unibet Poker App to be an interesting addition to the list of the many technological changes that have emerged in the betting scene since more people started accessing the internet. The use of smartphones has pushed more punters away from spending a lot of time fixed on their computer screen, and they are now placing their wagers on their phone, through apps, such as the Unibet Poker App.

Below is a quick summary of what the Unibet Poker App is all about:

  • Name: Unibet Poker App.
  • Date of Establishment: 2005.
  • Licencing: Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
  • Available games: Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Banzai.
  • Devices: Available for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  • Payment methods: For deposits, punters can use PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, Visa and Ukash. For withdrawals, punters can use Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Entropay, Neteller and Skrill.

Unibet App for Beginners

For betting enthusiasts who are trying to figure out the best place to try out their skills, the Unibet App provides a good landing. Some of the reasons why it is a good choice for beginners include:

  • Easy to use interface: The Unibet App is easy to figure out, and users do not have to be professionals for them to know where and how to place their bets. The features are presented in a neat way and things are pretty much easy to find.
  • Tight security and safety: To avoid beginners feeling vulnerable when engaging with the site, the Unibet Poker App has put a stop to third party software that would otherwise threaten the security of users.
  • Fairness during play: To prevent a situation where experienced users take advantage of the seating arrangement to win unfairly during the game, the Unibet Poker App uses random seating software so that nobody has an unfair advantage.

Unibet Poker Software

When Unibet Poker was launched in 1997, it was meant to fulfil the needs of a market that wanted to play poker without walking into a casino. As the years progressed, the Unibet company continued to make changes and in 2005, they established a mobile app.
In 2016, the Unibet Poker App started using new software (Unibet 2.0) to replace the one they had used for close to a decade (HTML5). The previous software had several technological issues, such as freezing frequently, and users had started complaining.
The new software operates on Adobe Air, which is among the best in the gaming world.

Available Tournament Options

Unibet may not have as many games as their rivals, but what they do provide is enough to keep users coming back. They have steadily built loyal customers and they have competitive offers to attract more.

Cash Games on the Unibet Poker App

Most gambling reviewers say that the cash games in Unibet Poker provides the best chance for punters to win some money. Unlike other sites where the players are serious, the ones at the Unibet Poker games are there for recreation. The fact that Unibet allows players to have up to five identities means the grinders will have a hard time trying to figure it out.
The cash games are Omaha, Banzai and Texas Hold’em.


Multi Table Tournaments on Unibet

Even though the Unibet Poker App is not known for its multi table tournaments, the few that it has are fun and popular among a specific demographic. Some of the popular table tournaments include: Open Qualifiers, Wednesday Omaha, Sunday Sundown and Saturday Deepstack.

Unibet Poker Sit ‘n’ Go

Even though most reviews indicate that the Unibet Poker App does not have a variety of poker games, the one area that it does very well, when it comes to the sit ‘n’ go tournaments, is the simplicity of the site. The waiting period for users to be seated is also shorter compared to other sites and the moment one hits the ‘join’ button, they are placed at a table.

Advantages of Using the Unibet Poker App

  • The sight is easy to navigate, and with stable internet, users can switch between different sections easily.
  • It has a variety of items that are ideal for recreational play.
  • The software is efficient and it makes the general interface look good.
  • The App does not allow third parties, so the data and digital footprints of the users are not exposed to risk.
  • Experienced players do not have an unfair advantage over beginners because nobody is allowed to choose their own seating.
  • They have live tournaments and users can watch games as they happen.

Disadvantages of using the Unibet Poker App

  • They do not have a wide range of tournament schedules compared to other betting sites.
  • Their bold and sometimes extreme graphics might not be appealing to everyone; especially people who prefer simpler designs.

unibet-poker-appFeatures of the Unibet Poker App

Most of the features that are found in the Unibet website under the poker sections are the same ones that are in the mobile app and mobile version. Some of the features that are on the Unibet Poker App are:

  • Ability to play multiple tables all at once. Users can play up to five tables if they are using an iPad and four tables on other devices.
  • Users can play for real money and use real money.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made on the move (one of the main reasons why betting apps are popular).
  • Has popular tournaments, such as Sit ‘n’ Go, Omaha, and Hold’em.
  • Customers are allowed to keep changing their poker identity so that their opponents cannot figure them out.
  • The background can be customised to individual needs.
  • Responsive customer care service that is available on phone, email and live chat. They also have an elaborate FAQ section.

Last Word on the Unibet Poker App

There are many reasons that make this app a highly recommended option among rivals. It has many payment options, the security is tight, and it is easy to use. It has good ratings among poker players.